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Welcome to the North Coast Medical Centre in Byron Bay

To book an appointment with one of our Doctors or practitioners please call 02 6685 8666.

The North Coast Medical Centre in Byron Bay is leading the way with cutting-edge technology, modern facilities and high quality health professionals in an informed environment with the utmost regard for your well being.

Located at 24 Shirley St, Byron Bay, only five doors down from the Byron Bay Hospital, it is a state-of-the-art medical clinic providing comprehensive medical care under the one roof.

Over 13 Practitioners

The team of professionals including GPs, Osteopaths, Naturopaths, Psychologists and Acupuncturists provide comprehensive medical care to the community of Byron Bay—both locals and visitors.

Conveniently Located

Only 5 doors down from the Byron Bay Hospital, the North Coast Medical Centre is located close to the centre of town in Shirley Street.


Combined Consultations

The North Coast Medical Centre leads the way in Integrative Medicine — offering patients the option to see 2 practitioners at once, bringing a new approach to your healthcare.

Contact the friendly staff at

the North Coast Medical Centre

Call 02 6685 8666


Your health is our priority

The doctors, naturopaths, osteopaths and psychologists, are all at the top of their game and highly scientific.

They are like-minded people who care about you as a person and understand that you have questions, opinions and are here to help you reach your optimum state. Whichever health practitioner you choose they are all dedicated to one thing—your health and happiness.

Download a copy of our Practice Information Sheet with all necessary information.