3rd Byron Integrative Medicine Conference Jul 2007

3rd Byron Integrative Medicine Health Conference

Depression & Happiness

Keynote Speakers

Professor Stephen Myers PhD BMed ND 
Founding Director of Nat Med Research,
School of Health and Human Sciences at Southern Cross University

Professor Melvyn Sydney-Smith
KGSJ, MBBS, PhD, FACNEM co-ordinator, MNutMed
Director and medical practitioner of the
Holistic Medical Centre, Brisbane

Dr Tim Sharp PhD, MPsychol. BSc(Hons)
Chief Happiness Officer, The Happiness Institute aka Dr Happy

Dr Jacqueline Boustany MBBS (Hons), Dip Paeds,
MPH General Practitioner, Nimbin and Lismore

Dr Geoff Fosbrooke FRANZCP
Psychiatrist Richmond Clinic

Discuss the topic

Exploration into treatments for depression
& Looking towards happiness

Depression & Happiness

Conference Highlights


Professor Stephen Myers

Exploration into treatments for depression.
Evidence for complementary medicine
in treatment of depression.


Dr Geoff Fosbrooke

Psychiatric treatment of depression.

Case Presentation by Psychologist, Jane Enter 

Professor Mel-Sydney Smith

Nutritional approaches to maintaining
mental equilibrium and treating depression

Dr Tim Sharp The evidence for happiness.

Dr Jacqueline Boustany
The Bio-physics of emotions