4th Byron Integrative Medicine Conference

Addiction & Freedom

Keynote Speakers

Professor Mark Cohen MBBS (Hons), PhD, BMedSc (Hons)
Founding Head, Department of Complementary Medicine,
RMIT University. President, Australasian Integrative Medicine Association

Dr Paul McGeown BSc, Dip App Sci (Nursing), MBChB, FRACGP
VMO in Addictions Medicine. Riverlands Drug & Alcohol Centre

Dr Adam Winstock MBBS, BSc, MSc, MRCP (UK), MRCPsych, FAChAM (RACP)
Senior Staff Specialist Drug Health Services SSWAHS,
Conjoint Senior Lecturer, NDARC, UNSW

Henry Osiecki BSc (Hons), Grad Dip. Nutrition and Dietetics

Tenzin Chonyi BSc, M.Ed., Ph. D. MAPS.
Honorary Lecturer in Psychological Medicine,
Medical Faculty, University of Sydney.

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Focusing On Addiction And Freedom

Addiction & Freedom



Read Henry Osiecki’s presentation “Drug detox, withdrawl and neural repair – A Literature review”
(160 pg doc divided into 6 pdfs)

Section 1 Intro and Pathways of Addiction (pdf 1.3mb)

Section 2 Genetic influences + impulsive/compulsive actions (pdf 1.8mb)


Section 3 Effects of common drugs and the effects of withdrawl (pdf 968kb)

Section 4 Nutritional support (pdf 540kb)

Section 5 Nicotine, Alcohol, Marijuana and opiates (pdf 1.2mb)


Section 6 Neurotransmitter support, summary and conclusions (pdf 588kb)

Section 7 Extra papers for discussion (pdf 1.5mb)


Conference Highlights


Professor Marc Cohen

Paradigms of Addiction

Keynote presentation by Dr Paul McGeown
A day in the life of Riverlands Drug & Alcohol Centre

Case presentation by Psychologist, Jane Enter
A case of Addiction with Interdisciplinary Case management


Dr Adam Winstock

The Politics of Addiction

Keynote presentation by Mr Henry Osiecki
The Biochemistry of Addiction

Dr Diana Taylor (Tenzin Choyni)


Question and Answer open panel with presenters
chaired by Barry Evans, The Buttery