Billing Policy

Consultation Fees


$70.00 Standard Consultation (Medicare Rebate $37.60)

$100.00 Extended Consultation (Medicare Rebate $72.80)

$140.00 Complex Consultation (Medicare Rebate $107.15)



$70.00 Standard Consultation (Medicare Rebate $37.05)

$90.00 Extended Consultation (Medicare Rebate $71.70)



$120.00 Initial Visit 1 hr

$105.00 Follow up 60 mins

$ 90.00 Follow up 45 mins

$ 75.00 Follow up 30 mins



$100.00 Initial Treatment….1hr

$ 80.00 Follow up treatment 30 mins


NCMC Psychologists, Dietitian and Exercise Physiologist – look after their own billing and appointments. Please contact them to discuss their consultation


Billing Policy

North Coast Medical Centre is a Private Practice and full payment of fees is required on the day of your consultation. We accept payment for our fees via cash, cheque, EFTPOS and Credit Card (Amex is not accepted.

Pensioners, Children under 16yrs and patients who have a current Pension or Health Care Card issued by Centrelink will be bulk billed.



Patients need to book a consultation to discuss results with the doctor to ensure quality care. Results are not given over the phone.

Patients that receive results that need to be discussed, are informed by text message. For you to view your message; the text will ask you to click the link and follow the directions.

To protect your privacy, you will need to verify your name and date of birth.